Zaylin Griffith the name of Officer Krystian Griffith's missing daughter. Zaylin had just turned ten and was starting her Pokémon journey when she went missing.  She and her Shinx were heading to the Alola region where she wanted to begin her journey. However, disaster struck when the ship she was on crashed. Everyone else on board was safe, except Zaylin. She was nowhere to be found and was later announced as dead a few days later. Krystian refused to believe that his beloved daughter was gone, he refused to give up when many did. He continues to search for her to this day, using his off days from work to search for her.


Zaylin's only known Pokémon is her male shiny Shinx that Krystian got her a few months prior. Shinx was found as an Egg by Gareth after saving it from Pokémon Hunters. Krystian had taken it to his place and put it on the table before going to call Nurse Joy. However, he was called back when he heard giggling. He raced over only to find his nine-year-old daughter happily hugging a golden-and-black Shinx. Within a short time span, Shinx and his daughter bonded and he couldn't bear the thought in separating them. So, they stayed together.