Zaylin Declan
Personal data
Nicknames Zay
Age 11 (assumed)
Gender Female
Trainer class Trainer
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Unknown
Residence Traveling through Kanto
Date of birth Unknown
Hair color Buttery blonde
Eye color Green
Skin color Average
Relatives Belle Declan (caregiver)
Friends Jordan Anderson, Liesl Hart
Enemies Team Rocket, Athena Lassiter and Ares Logan
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Quest for the Past
Skylar Declan (real name unknown) is one of the main characters in the Skylar's Quest for the Past series. She is a beginner Pokémon trainer with amnesia. She was found by Belle Declan's Espeon with a shiny Shinx and Gible beside her.

Physical description

Skylar has long buttery-blonde hair, which she normally keeps her hair in a low bun-ponytail, and bright green eyes. She wears a blue and white, zipper hoodie over a black elbow-length shirt, black jeans, and dark brown calf-length boots. She also wears a pair of fingerless gloves and a diamond-shaped locket around her neck.

Other gear she carries is a Pokégear that Belle gave her. She also wears a charm bracelet that keeps the rest of her Pokéballs, Shinx and Gible's included. She also carries a blue Poképhone. Skylar also possesses a Town Map, which was found in her backpack when she was found by Espeon. 


With no recollection of her memory prior to being found by Belle's Espeon, Skylar prefers to keep to herself and her Pokémon. Though, she will open to those that her trust, like Jordan. Skylar can be rather blunt and straight to the point, not even showing emotion as she says it. She loves and cares very much for her Pokémon and Pokémon in general. If she sees one in need of help, she will stop whatever she is doing to help them, even if they are wild or even under a trainer's command. She hates Trainers that abuse Pokémon and doesn't feel they deserve to be a trainer. 

Even though she prefers to keep to herself, she is extremely close to Jordan. He's been there for her since she was found. Skylar trusts Jordan and often goes to him for help, especially when she gets tired of not finding anything about her. 

Despite her blunt and almost cold personality, Skylar has a special way with Pokémon which allows her to almost instantly bond with them, even if they are not her own. She especially has a way when working with Wild Pokémon. When battling, she keeps a neutral expression on her face, which makes it hard for her opponent to figure out her plan. Skylar doesn't know why she does it, she just does. But, it's what helped her quite a few battles.


On Hand



Skylar was found unconscious on the beach of Cinnabar Island. She was thankfully found by Belle Declan's Espeon who brought the unconscious girl to her Trainer. When Skylar woke up, she was confused and terrified, but at the sight of her Shinx and Gible, she calmed down. Fortunately, when Belle asked if she remembered anything, Skylar was able to come up with one thing, her name.

For the next couple of weeks, Belle tried to help Skylar remember anything, but sadly, nothing worked. Skylar eventually met Belle's next-door neighbor's son, Jordan Anderson, and became friends with him. Belle and Jordan tried to do whatever they could to help her, but all ended in failure. 

At some point, Leslie suggested that Skylar goes on a Pokémon Journey, thinking it could possibly help her. Plus, it seemed that she was on one, having Shinx and Gible. With no other option in learning about herself, Skylar accepted the idea. Belle let her take her last name since when signing up, she'd need a full name. With that in mind, Skylar quickly signed up for the Kanto Indigo League and start her journey taking her Shinx and Gible with her.  But she wouldn’t alone, as Jordan decided to join her, and it worked out since his birthday was coming and he would be able to go.


  • Her name is the only thing Skylar remembers of her past. She doesn't even remember shinx or Gible, only that she had them.
  • Skylar's Town Map is identical to the one Serena uses in the anime, but silver.
  • Skylar's birthday has to be at least after May since that's when the Pokémon Leagues begin. 

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