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Personal data
Alias Pokémon Hunter Z
Age 24
Gender Male
Trainer class Pokémon Hunter
Morality Good (fakes being Evil)
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Sinnoh
Residence Sinnoh
Hair color Silver
Eye color Blue
Height 6"7'
Relatives Pokémon Hunter J (mother)
Unnamed father
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Journey Through the Regions

Zane, known as Pokémon Hunter Zane, is a Pokémon Hunter who, with the help of his henchmen, captures and steals Pokémon and sells them as requested by his clients for a profit on the black market. Zane is the son of famous Pokémon Hunter J.

Physical appearance

Zane takes after his mother, having her same silver-colored hair and blue eyes. He also wears an outfit similar to his mother.


Just like his mother, Zane is ruthless, relentless, and cruel, willing to do anything to capture Pokémon for his clients, up to and including injuring innocent people or Pokémon. As a copy of his mother, Zane is also intensely independent, sociopathic, greedy and callous nature. In addition, he has no honor, decency or regard for any form of life - the only thing that matters to him is money. However, one thing that differentiates him from his mother is that actually cares for his Pokémon, as cover-up he cradles his Salamence's head when it gets hurt by Bailey's Sylveon's Moonblast attack.

It is later revealed that Zane's personality is just a cover up. He absolutely hates Hunters and Poachers.


Main article: Zane's Salamence

Salamence is Zane's main Pokémon. Unlike with his mother and her Salamence, Zane shows to care very much for the Dragon Pokémon, and often doesn't like to use her in battle.

  • Zane has at least two other Pokémon on hand.


Born to famous Pokémon Hunter J, Zane was raised to take after her. From a small age, Zane knew he didn't want to the follow his mother but after she took away a Poochyena he had befriended, he had no choice. Within years, J molded him into an exact copy as her.

However, truth is Zane never took after his mother, he just pretended.