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Shinystar SPOILER ALERT!! The following article may contain content that some may consider major spoilers for Shinystar characters, content and/or endings. Leave now if you wish to remain unspoiled. You have been warned.

The Shadow's Pokémon Wikia is an encyclopedia for Shadows' Pokémon series including characters and plots. There are 146 articles and 710 images and has been growing since this wiki was founded in September 2014.


The Shadow's Pokémon Wikia was created by ShadowSpirit020. This wiki comprises information on her characters for Fandom series involving Pokémon. All content on this wiki, excluding characters that are already owned by their companies (see Disclaimer below), belong to ShadowSpirit020.

Currently working on the Quest for the Past series.

Coding help from Bulbapedia and Red Dragon Ink Studios Wiki

  • Pokémon and all characters, content, ideas, etc. belong to Nintendo and Satoshi Tajiri.
  • All images are from Bulbapedia Bulbagardent
  • OC's belong to ShadowSpirit020.

Since September 2014, Shadow's Pokémon Wikia has:

  • 1,253 pages created
  • 146 articles
  • 710 images uploaded
  • 6,782 edits made
  • 18,541,044 registered users
  • 1 active users
  • 1 staff members

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