The Poképhone is a new device given to all New Trainers. An upgrade and fusion of both the Pokédex and Pokégear, the Poképhone is a combination of the two as well as a cell phone. People and trainers can still use the normal Pokédex and Pokégear if they please.


The Poképhone is a rectangle-shaped device that is a touchscreen. The main color for boys is blue and red is for the girls. Trainers can get the appearance changed for a charge of 18 Pokémon Dollars. To replace a broken Poképhone, the charge is 200 Pokémon Dollars.


  • Call: Like a normal Cell Phone, the Poképhone can be used to call anyone.
    • Contact list: The phone feature has a contact list where the trainer is able to add other phone numbers.
  • Waterproof: The Poképhone is made to be waterproof.
  • Hard case: The Poképhone has a hard outside case which protects it should it be dropped on the ground by accident. It cannot protect if a Pokémon uses an Electric Attack on it or steps on it.
  • Clock
  • Camera
  • Lock screen


  • Pokédex: The Poképhone is pre-installed with a Pokédex app that gives Trainers information on all Pokémon in the world. Unlike the original Pokédexes, the Pokédex app contains all the information on all the Pokémon in the world, not just a specific region. The Pokédex app works just like the Pokédex so all the information that Pokédex gives out normally is included. The Pokédex app will work no matter where the trainer is, the app does not require a connection, but will not work should the Poképhone be dead.
  • Map: An app that works like the Town Maps and Pokégear. Any time the map app is opened up, the trainer is able to pinpoint their location by looking for a blinking red-orange dot.
  • Money: This app lets the trainer see how much money they earn in battles or tournaments.


Like with a real cell phone, the Poképhone has some limitations:

  • Connection: In order for the map and phone features to work, the Poképhone must have a connection to some tower. The Poképhone will not work while in caves.


  • The Poképhone is styled after the iPhone.
  • Unlike the Pokédex, the Poképhone does not have a Trainer's ID card. Trainers get those on their own.
  • The Poképhone is similar to the Pokédex where it seems to not run out of battery.
  • The Poképhone appears in the Journey Through the Regions series.