Luciana "Lucy" Ramírez is a 16-year-old Pokémon Trainer from Hau'oli City, Alola.


Lucy was born and raised in a wealthy family that specialized with Template:Water-type Pokémon, which Lucy was expected to follow. Lucy wanted no part in it. She left home and began a journey of self-discovery in hopes she could find a type just for her.

During her journey, she helped various Pokémon with injuries or helping them reunite with their family. At some point in time, Lucy came across a wild Fomantis. Unknown to her, the wild Fomantis had followed her after seeing it help its friend Bounsweet unite with its family. After saving Fomantis from another Pokémon's attack, the two became friends and eventually, Lucy asked Fomantis to be her partner.

Shortly after, the two left Alola and began to travel in Hoenn. But instead of doing Gym Battles or Contests, having learned about them, Lucy and Fomantis chose to use the time to study other Pokémon and to get better at battling together.


Fomantis is Lucy's first known Pokémon and her starter. In order to rebel against her Template:Water-type only family, Lucy left home to find out what type was for her. After spending months in the forest helping wild Pokémon, and Fomantis' friend Bounsweet the two became friends after Lucy saved Fomantis from another Pokémon's attack.

Fomantis's known moves are Fury Cutter, Energy Ball, Leafage, Razor Leaf, Leaf Blade and Synthesis.

Tropius is Lucy's second known Pokémon. Not much is known about Tropius since it is seen being mostly used as Lucy's transportation.

None of Tropius's moves are known.