Logan West is a member of Team Rocket and his partner is Vera Skylark who is also his best friend. He is the son of Landon West, a high ranking officer in Team Rocket, stepson of Monica West, another high ranking officer in Team Rocket, and the half-brother of Pokémon Coordinator Morgan West - who knows nothing about her father's work with Team Rocket.


Logan is a teenager with short brown hair and purple eyes. He wears the black Team Rocket uniform.


Logan is hard to describe. His personality changes a lot, but he is protective of his best friend and partner Emma, and family means a lot to him. He doesn't show it much, but he cares deeply for his half-sister, Morgan, and doesn't want her to follow his path of a Team Rocket member. While he enjoys and hates his job as a Team Rocket member, he doesn't want Morgan to follow him, due to the goods and bad things about it. He keeps his hidden from Morgan and just says he hangs out with Emma (who has met Morgan).

He has a short temper at times, especially when someone annoys him, or annoys his sister, and Emma. Despite that, he has a caring heart towards his Pokémon.


On hand



Prior to the series

Logan was born to Landon West and his first wife, but his mother died when he was four years old. He was raised by Landon solo until he was seven and his father met Monica someone from his "work" (as Landon often told Logan). After two years of dating, the two married and Monica became his new mother. A year later, Logan became the older half-brother to Morgan West and became very protective of her.

At some point in time, Landon and Monica told Logan about their jobs in Team Rocket, but not Morgan. Logan then expressed in following his father and step-mother in their jobs and both were supportive (however, deep down, Logan did not want Morgan to follow him).

At age fifteen, he got into Team Rocket and as a result, Landon and Monica gifted Logan with a Snubbull, who became his first Pokémon. Eventually, Logan and Snubbull were partnered with a girl named Vera Skylark, who was originally very shy and quiet and her Litleo. He helped her out, getting her to grow out of her shell and the two became best friends.

Kanto Arc

Logan makes his debut in Kanto 2: First Catches! where he and Emma try to capture Aeryn's Eevee having seen it battle against a Shinx. He and Emma battle against Aeryn McKnight and Bailey Ketchum, but after Emma's Zubat poisoned Aeryn's Eevee that sent her running, he and Emma were defeated by Bailey's Ralts and Aeryn's Shinx.