Journey Through the Regions is a story staring Scarlett Montgomery on her Pokémon Journey and meeting new friends and allies.


Arc 1: Kalos

New trainer Scarlett Montgomery finally starts her Pokémon Journey! With her mother's disappearance ten years ago, Scarlett is set on finding her mother and what happened to her. Joining her is her partner Eevee and her best friend Bailey Ketchum and her Ralts as the take the Kalos League and learn what happened to Scarlett's mother, Ailey Montgomery.

Arc 2: Unova

With the Kalos League is over and with no news on her mother, Scarlett isn't stopping. Scarlett is now heading to the Unova region in hopes to learn more about her missing mother-and try to find her father who suddenly went missing when he was in Unova. Joining her and Bailey on their journey through Unova is the daughter of Cress, the former Gym Leader of the Striaton Gym!

Arc 3: Alola

Following the end of the Unova League, Scarlett Montgomery joins her best friend Bailey Ketchum and her family on a vacation to the Alola region. However, things start going a little weird when the legendary Pokemon Tapu Koko takes an interest in Scarlett.

Arc 4: Kanto

Arc 5: Orange Islands

Arc 6: Johto

Arc 7: Hoenn

The girls are back in action on their Pokemon Journey. Joining them in the region of Hoenn is new trainer Seina Ryuenji, a trainer from the Johto region, and her Totodile. But things start getting crazy when Team Magma and Aqua return!

Arc 8: Kanto Battle Frontier

Arc 9: Sinnoh

Arc 10: Sinnoh Battle Frontier

The Sinnoh league is over, but Scarlett decides to take on the Sinnoh Battle Frontier to get more experience in battles and mostly double battles.

Arc 11: Amara


Kalos Arc

Unova Arc

Alola Arc

  • Reed, Son of Mallow
  • Ren, Son of Lillie
  • Kenna, Daughter of Kawie
  • Leon, Son of Lana
  • Daughter of Sophocles

Hoenn Arc

Kanto Battle Frontier Arc

Sinnoh Arc

Johto Arc


  • Journey Through the Regions will be one full story that has every region, plus the fan region, Amara, in it.