Template:CharacterBoxGabriel Jennings, sometimes referred to as Gabe, is a 14-year-old Pokémon Trainer from Geosenge Town of the Kalos region. He is the older son of Bradley Jennings and his first wife, though they later divorced after Bradley caught his wife verbally abusing Gabriel. His father eventually married Corrine Walker, who Gabriel formed a deep bond with during his years of dating Cori, when Gabriel was seven, and giving Gabriel two cousins: six-year-old Scarlett and 12-year-old Caleb, the children of Corrine's sister, Ailey, and her husband Dallas Montgomery.

Physical description

Gabriel takes after his father having his black hair, which he keeps trimmed to his shoulders with a bit of a spike to it, and gray eyes. He normally wears a light gray jacket over a dark shirt, blue shorts, and sneakers. He is always seen with his Espeon walking next to him.


Because of him having depression due to the verbal abuse his birth mother dealt on him, Gabriel tends to keep to himself only really speaking with his family. He is very close to his father and Corrine and loves them dearly. His relationship with his younger brother is a bit iffy due to his depression still going on.

Because of his depression, his moods change at different times and can sometimes cause him to react differently.

His Espeon is always by his side and normally is the one to help him calm down. Due to his depression, Gabriel was hesitant on starting on his journey even Caleb inviting him to go with him didn't help. In the end, his parents allowed him to stay home.


Oh hand

Eevee → Espeon


Prior to the series

Gabriel was born in Santalune City to professional trainer Bradley Jennings and his first wife. However, he was verbally abused by his mother after he turned two for unknown reasons. While she never hit him, her words went right to his brain and stayed there. It wasn't until he was four that Bradley caught his wife abusing Gabriel and filed for a divorce.

A year after the divorce, Gabriel watched his father began to date only for the dates to end because none of the woman cared about him. After around 12 failed dates, Gabriel was close to thinking that no one would ate his father because of him, but that changed when his father met professor coordinator Corrine Walker, the older twin sister to renowned professor Ailey Walker.

When it seemed things were starting up, it got worse when Gabriel was six and his birth mother returned. That itself resulted in Gabriel learning he had depression, and just at six years old. But thankfully, his father and Corrine both helped him out and including Corrine's nephew and niece, Caleb and Scarlett helped out.

Shortly after his father married Corrine, and they moving to Geosenge Town, and Gabriel's depression started taking a turn for the worse, even after doing everything they could, his father and new mother (who had legally adopted Gabriel) tried another way: they gifted him an Eevee in hopes she could help, which is surprisingly did. Eevee evolved into Espeon, and she managed to help Gabriel with his depression, where he didn't need to take the anti-depressants and helped him through some of his episodes.

Kalos Arc



  • Gabriel suffers from depression and used to take anti-depressants before learning that his Espeon was able him a lot more.
  • Gabriel is bi, he likes girls and boys.
  • After his father married Corrine, Gabriel was legally adopted by Corrine making him her son, rather than step-son.