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Template:AnimeLocationInfobox The Forbidden Dark Lands, also called the Dark Lands, is a Pokémon reserve especially for Template:Dark -type Pokémon. It is also a save haven for them. It is located somewhere between Littleroot Town and Petalburg City. Similar to the Forbidden Forest is with humans are are not allowed, it is the same with the Forbidden Dark Lands. The Dark Lands are permanently sealed from the public with a giant wooden gate.

Scarlett Montgomery, Bailey and Zachary Ketchum were walking near the entrance when a Skarmory flew by and picked him by his backpack taking him into the Dark Lands. While Scarlett and Bailey tried to get into the land, Zach was dropped in the middle.

While walking through the forest, he found himself face-to-face with a Mightyena. Zach was freaked out but calmed down when the Bite Pokémon began to sniff him. He remained still until the Mightyena stopped sniffing and Zach learned that it was smelling the Potions he carried with him. The Bite Pokémon, without warning Zach, grabbed him by his jacket and tossed him into the air and let him land on its. As soon as it did, it took off with Zach holding on.

Zach didn't understand what was going on until the Mightyena revealed that it had a sick child. That got Zach to understand why the Mightyena was sniffing him. Remembering what his parents and Liam taught him, he used his potions to heal the sick Poocyhena.

Eventually, Scarlett managed to make her way into the Dark Lands, having left Bailey with the guards. But as soon as she found Zach and the now healed Poocyhena, Logan and Emma attacked.

When it was time for them to leave, Poocyhena made itself known that it didn't want Zach to leave as it grew fond of him. At the same time, the Mightyena made it known that it would like to travel with Scarlett having seen strength while fighting Team Rocket.

Pokémon seen in the Dark Lands

Mightyena and Poochyena (multiple)
Multiple Mightyena and Poocyhena are seen through out the Dark Lands. Many of the Mightyena have formed packs with the Poocyhena being their offspring.
Other Dark Types
The Dark Lands is home to many different Dark Type Pokémon, all coming from different regions. The most common ones seen are the packs of Mightyena and Poocyhena.

Formerly living in the Dark Lands

Main article: Zachary's Poochyena

Poocyhena is the offspring of a female Mightyena that did not belong to a pack. Poochyena was being taken care by his mother, a Mightyena, but was very sick and weak. When Zach came across them, Mightyena was cautious about letting him near her child but eventually let her after seeing he met no harm.

In the end, Poocyhena was caught by Zach using one of his sister's Pokéballs while Aeryn caught its mother.

Main article: Aeryn's Mightyena

This Mightyena is the mother of Zach's Poocyhena. She is a very caring and protective mother and keeps her child well hidden when she has to leave it. She had heard a Skarmory enter the Dark Lands and when she went to investigate she smelled something,which was revealed to be potions that could heal her child. She brought Zach to her child and he did what he could to help Poocyhena, which sadly wasn't enough since he didn't have enough potions. But thankfully, Aeryn appeared and as a future Dark Master, she had more equipment that could be used to heal Poocyhena.

In the end, Mightyena joined Aeryn's team while Poocyhena was caught by Zach.

Mightyena's known moves are Incinerate, Hyper Beam, Crunch, Take Down, Roar, Play Rough, Thunder Fang, Iron Tail, and Dark Pulse.