Dana White
Personal data
Age 19
Gender Female
Trainer class Trainer
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Hau'oli City, Alola
Residence Traveling with Caleb
Hair color White
Eye color Amber
Skin color Pale
Love interest Caleb Montgomery
Relatives Mr. and Mrs. White (estranged parents)
Friends Caleb Montgomery
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Journey Through the Regions
Dana White is a 19-year-old Pokémon Trainer from Hau'oli City of the Alola Region. She is the only child and daughter of Callan and Olivia-Rose White and the girlfriend of Pokémon Trainer Caleb Montgomery.

Originally a snotty and spoiled girl, Dana changed after finding an injured Vulpix in the forest near her home. Caring for Vulpix made Dana see how she treated everyone and how awful she was. Deciding to change, Dana began by taking care of Vulpix.

Her parents didn't like the change and tried many times to get rid of Vulpix, but were always attacked by the Fox Pokémon's Powder Snow attack. Her parents eventually disowned her but had a small house be built on their property which became Dana's home.

Physical appearance

Dana is a tall young woman with snow-white hair and amber eyes and tanned skin. She keeps her hair tied in a French braid that is kept over her left shoulder. Her normal attire consists of a pale blouse, blue jeans, and brown boots. She keeps Ninetales' Pokéball on a bracelet on her left wrist.


Originally a snotty rich girl who was spoiled, Dana didn't care about anything or anyone, just her. This was due to how her parents raised her. She ended up changing after finding an injured and weak Alolan Vulpix in the forest near her home. She wasn't going to help it originally, but something within her made her, and she was glad she did. Her taking care of Vulpix showed her how some of the rich - and herself - acted and treated everyone. It was thanks to Vulpix that she was able to gain real, true friends and even get a boyfriend. Dana decided to change - which didn't make her parents happy - and she started with Vulpix, though it took a while since Vulpix knew about how she was before. As she changed, Dana's relationship with her parents declined as they only cared about money and their selves. After man arguments with her parents and them trying to take Vulpix away, they decided to disown her, which Dana was fine. Dana was fine going off on her own, but deep down she knew she wouldn't live, she didn't know anything about the real world.

Dana now cares about everyone and will help anyone before she helps herself. She thinks of others before herself now and makes sure they have what they need. She is generous and caring and kind, always ready to help if needed. Deep down, Dana feels guilty for what she did in the past and dislikes the rich.



  • Battling: Dana is very skilled in Pokemon Battles.
  • Strategy planning: Unlike Caleb, who is able to create and change a plan on the fly, Dana has to plan ahead.


Vulpix → Ninetales
Main article: Dana's Ninetales

Ninetales is Dana's first known Pokémon and her best. Ninetales is normally seen outside her Pokéball walking beside Dana.

Scatterbug → Spewpa → Vivillon
Vivillon is Dana's second known Pokémon who she caught in Kalos. She ended up asking Caleb for help since Dana didn't know anything about catching wild Pokémon.

Vivillon's known moves are Tackle, Safeguard, String Shot, Solar Beam, Sleep Powder, Gust, Light Screen, and Psybeam.

  • It is unknown if Dana has any other Pokémon.


Prior to the series

Dana was born and raised in Hau'oli City of the Alola Region to Callan and Olivia-Rose White. She was raised in a wealthy family and was spoiled rotten, caring only about money and herself, ever since she was small.

When she was around ten, she came across an injured and weak Alolan Vulpix in her backyard. She was originally not going to do anything, since then she didn't care about Pokémon then. But something told her to help it, she did. While she took care of Vulpix, she began to see how probably people and Pokémon reacted to her. She was nothing but mean and bitchy to others as Vulpix didn't want Dana's help at first.

After she talked with the family butler, Joshua, Dana learned how she treated everyone else. Dana decided to change, and she started with Vulpix. It took a while for Vulpix to let Dana heal her, but she eventually did.

Her parents were pleased with the fact that Dana was changing and tried to take Vulpix away, sadly, it never worked as Vulpix would use Powder Snow on them. By the time Dana was 12, and after many arguments, her parents disowned her and were about to send her on her way to the real world, without any help.

Thankfully, Joshua managed to convince her parents to have a small house (which was a mini-mansion) built on the property for Dana. Once it was built, Joshua moved in with Dana and helped her with anything she needed. With Dana's change, Joshua became the brother Dana never had. Dana eventually asked Vulpix - who had fully recovered and opted to stay with Dana - if she wanted to be her partner, which Vulpix agreed.

At age 13, Dana and Vulpix left Alola and began their journey in the Kalos region. It was there where Dana would meet Caleb Ramirez. Caleb ended up helping Dana catch a Scatterbug that she had been following for two days. After thanking Caleb, she was about to leave when she realized she had no idea where to go. It was then Caleb invited her to join him. That was the start of Dana Caleb's friendship which continued and then turned into romance.

Eventually, Dana evolved Vulpix into a Ninetales and then she laid an egg, which will then hatch into a Vulpix. The Vulpix was given to Scarlett when she and Caleb were visiting Dana.


  • Dana was originally not going to a former spoiled and snotty girl, but that was changed to add more character.
  • It is unknown what Trainer class Dana is.