Christian Walker
Personal data
Age 16 (Hoenn)
17 (Sinnoh)
18 (Unova)
19 (Kalos)
20 (Alola)
21 (Amara)
Gender Male
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Amara
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Bright green
Height 6"5'
Relatives Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Production notes
Appearances Capture and Rescue

Christian Walker is a Pokémon Trainer from the Amara region and the love interest of Aeryn McKnight. He is the only son and child of two former Pokémon Trainers, but does not give out his parents' names.


Christian is a tall, and handsome, young man standing at six foot five with spiky, shoulder-length dark brown hair and dark, bright green eyes and a tanned skin tone. He is usually seen wearing a black, leather hoodie jacket over a dark gray t-shirt, which shows his toned chest, black jeans, combat boots and black fingerless gloves. He has a matching black belt that has his Pokéballs attached.


Christian normally keeps to himself, doesn't talk to people. He doesn't like rich people and only sees them as snobs and jerks. He is extremely protective of his Pokémon and doesn't like it when one is hurt by a trainer.


On hand

Serperior ♀
  • It is unknown if Christian has any more Pokémon.


Prior to the series

Due to him not talking to pretty much anyone, he doesn't reveal his past. However, he does reveal that he started his Pokémon Journey at the age of 13.

Hoenn Arc

Christian is set to appear in the Hoenn arc, Hoenn 6: Capture and Rescue where he helps Aeryn after she falls into pit and breaking her ankle while trying to catch a Skitty with her Mightyena.


  • Christian was originally not even going to be made, but was later made.
    • He was originally to be Reina Yuki's love interest, but after some consideration, his personality and character best went with Scarlett more.
    • He was also made to be the son of Team NightShade's leader.