Bellatrix Tyler
Personal data
Nicknames Belle
Age 22
Gender Female
Trainer class Agent
Morality Evil
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Jubilife City, Sinnoh
Hair color Pink
Eye color Gray
Skin color Pale
Relatives Chloe Tyler (cousin)
Team Information
Team Team Rocket
Team Rank Agent
Partner Chloe Tyler
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Journey Through the Regions

Bellatrix Tyler, more commonly referred to as "Belle", is a member of Team Rocket and is the partner to her cousin Chloe Tyler.

Physical appearance

Belle is a semi-tall young woman with long pink hair, that is normally kept in a high ponytail and deep gray eyes. Her standard outfit is the black Team Rocket Uniform.


Unlike her cousin, Bellatrix shows no emotion most of the time, and just lets Chloe do the talking. No one is able to tell what Belle is thinking due to her keeping her emotions to herself. The only time she ever does display emotion is when her Pokémon are involved. 


On hand



Prior to the series

Belle was born and raised in Sinnoh before she and her parents moved to Kanto for unknown reasons. At some point in time, she joined her cousin in becoming a member of Team Rocket, where she passed and later became partners with her younger cousin Chloe.