Athena Lassiter
Personal data
Age 19
Gender Female
Trainer class Agent
Morality Evil
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Kalos
Residence Viridian City, Kanto
Date of birth July 30
Star sign Leo
Hair color Dark red
Eye color Purple
Skin color Average
Relatives Unknown
Friends Ares Logan
Enemies Zaylin Declan and Jordan Anderson
Team Information
Team Team Rocket
Team Rank Agent
Partner Ares Logan
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Quest for the Past
Athena Lassiter is a character in the Quest for the Past series. She is a member of Team Rocket and is partners with Ares Logan. Originally from the Kalos region, Athena moved to Kanto when she heard about Team Rocket.

Physical description

Athena is a young woman with long dark red hair and purple eyes. She has her hair tied in a high ponytail and even then, her hair is long. She wears the black Team Rocket Uniform.


Athena is a woman with little words. She doesn't speak much, letting Ares do the talking. When it involves something she is passionate about, she will speak up.  Between her and Ares, she's the one that makes the plans. She's also the smarter of the two, always having a plan before anything. She cares very much about her Pokemon and won't hesitate to use herself as a barrier to protect them from harm. Unlike the other Team Rocket members, she does train her Pokemon so they can be strong.


On hand

Spewpa → Vivillon


Athena was born in the Kalos region and like any trainer, started her journey. But, she wasn't happy with what she was doing. Sure, she had her first Pokemon, a Litleo, but she wanted more with her life. She later heard about Team Rocket and then went there with her Pokemon.



  • She is named after the Greek Goddess of the same name.